The more you let us know, the better we can style your barhoomBag!


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Section 1

Personal Information

This section is so we can learn a little bit more about you. We won’t share this information with anyone.

Section 2

Coverage Preferences

Modesty is what we do. Let us know what you like to have covered, we're here to help you be comfortable in any style we make for you.

Arms (check all that apply)

Bottom (check all that apply)

Neck (check all that apply)

Head (check all that apply)

Chest (check all that apply)

Section 3

About You

To get an idea of the clothes that would be great for you, let us know a bit about your lifestyle!

Describe Your Unique Style (check all that apply)

Which colors do you love to wear or wish you wore more of?

Which colors/patterns do you want to avoid?

How would you describe yourself? (check up to three)

What kind of occasions do you need help dressing up for? (check up to three)

Who do you want to dress more like?
(provide Instagram handles if you like)

How’s the weather where you live?

Do you dislike or are you allergic to any textiles?
(Let us know which ones if so)

Anything unique to your style that we should know about?
(i.e. I only wear skirts/no pants, I only wear rectangular not square hijabs, I don't like certain patterns, etc.)

The more you tell us, the better we can help you!

Are you interested in maternity clothing?

Section 4

Your Sizes

We want to make sure your clothes fit the way you want them to. Choose the sizes you normally choose when you go out shopping!





Section 5

Your Price Preferences

We want you to love everything we send and love how much it costs! Let us know how much you’re willing to spend on your looks.

On average per piece how much would you like to spend? (Check all that apply)


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