Our Mission

barhoomBrands was born from the struggle of finding and piecing together a modest yet trendy wardrobe. It is exhausting to dig through densely packed stores, looking for items that meet your modest standards. At the end, you settle on layering an excessive number of uncomfortable materials!

The struggle is real. But we've got you covered.

  With barhoomBag we want to help the mother that doesn’t have time to treat herself with a trip to the mall, the teen who wants to stay trendy without compromising her modest style, the woman who wants to feel inspired by new fashion finds, and all those who get a warm fuzzy feeling when receiving a surprise monthly package!

If you are here as a customer- thank you and please let us know how we can better serve the needs of our modestly dressed sisters in the struggle!

If you are here as a clothing company- thank you and let us work together in expanding the modest market! Please contact us to let us know about yourself.

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The Founders



We met as students at CU Boulder and were the weird people who could not make other friends (actually we have one other one...who is now a 20-hour plane ride away). We're lucky we kept in touch because here we are now! We're both passionate about building a brand that serves your needs and creates a community with all of you.

As two broke millennials, we get it: it's hard to find quality clothes that are affordable. It's even more annoying trying to find clothes that are quality, inexpensive and modestbut not stuffy. That's why we created barhoom. Shopping modestly for modest prices shouldn't be the worst. We're excited to bring you new styles in addition to our new subscription service that will give you a taste of great brands that we believe in. Check us out and let us know what you think, we can't wait to be a part of your wardrobe!


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